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This site was created entirely by me. Below are some additional of my graphics and programming work examples:
Design Work

Employer: Web 1 Digital Interface
Client: Caldwell Legal Recruiting Consultants
This site is not officially launched because the client is having trouble writing the content but is otherwise completed. I handled all aspects of this site including html, javascript and design.

Independent Project
Client: Fashion Encore Consignment Shoppe
This site started off as a school project while I was learning web design but it has since benefited the store's sales. It's look is based on that of the stores it represents and not very typical of the web. All work on this site is my own.

Independent Project
This site is a project I'm currently working on, above is a proposed design for the home page. When finished it will be an online publisher at All work on this site is my own.

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Other Work
Below are examples of the kind of work I most often do at my current job.

Employer: Web 1 Digital Interface
Client: Hush Puppies Shoes (an individual distributor)
I have been doing almost all the upkeep on our e-commerce sites. I integrated all of the code for the shopping cart used on this site, which refers to a group of 4 databases. I also implemented the same code and some additional code to calculate prices on .

Employer: Web 1 Digital Interface
Client: Panache Online Catalog is an online version of a printed catalog which must be updated every time a new catalog is mailed. For the last 6 months or so I have created all the new product images displayed on the site from digital files sent by the client. I have also created the party pages and updated other parts of the site, such as the rotating daily specials on the front page.

Employer: Web 1 Digital Interface
Client: Madison Ave Gifts
This is a fairly new site for which we were given the graphics for the home page and header and footer graphics throughout. I prepared those graphics for display on the web and scanned photographs of all the products to create the images used on the website. I also adapted the shopping cart pages used on Panache to work for this website. Recent changes to the site include creating the animated gif and several product photos which rotate by day on the home page.

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